Personal Training

When people think ‘Personal Trainer’ they often think it’s something only famous people have. This is not true. Our gym serves clients from all walks of life, of all ages and of all abilities. Our team is fun, friendly, approachable and highly motivational. Our personalised training programs are designed to help everyone reach their individual goals and fitness potential.

We provide a free initial consultation with all prospective clients. This time is used to find out what your goals are and what you’d like to achieve. Following this, your trainer will develop a personalised training program tailored to suit your requirements.

At the beginning and end of this program, we will conduct a ‘weigh-in’ which will clearly show the progress that has been made.


No client is out of reach. Even if you feel that you live too far away for one-on-one sessions, Martin can provide online programs and nutrition plans for the various goals you may wish to achieve. Everyone has the opportunity to reach their fitness potential.

The services we offer include:

Consultation and fitness testing

Endurance training

Strength and Power training

Nutritional advice

Lifestyle consultations

Special population’s

Core stability

Aerobic training (CV)

Body Building

Sport specific training

Stress management

Rehabilitation and Injury prevention

Functional training

Postural correction