On the spot inductions can be done to save the hassle of booking and coming in at a later date so your workout can be done as soon as you want it!Here are our class instructors...

Martin MacDonald

Martin has been running Macsimum Fitness successfully for 11 years. Being a former soldier he has nearly 20 years of hands on experience in all aspects of fitness and wellbeing. He has worked with client of all extremes from competitive athletes and gym first timers to new mums and wives to be. He specialises in sports nutrition and high intensity workouts. He has competed at boxing in the army nad now trains his own mixed martial arts students to competitive level. He loves sharing a clients journey form start to finish and has personal pride in watching his clients succeed.

Nicola Craigie Moir

Nicola Moir is a self emplyed fitness instructor. She is a black belt 1st dan and former Scottish kickboxing champion. Nicola has been self employed since 2009 and was a voluntary instructor for many years before this. She is fully certified personal trainer and also hods an exercise to music certification. At the moment she teaches metafit, circuit training and kettlebell classes.

Marnie Maclean Laird

Marnie is a freelance fitness instructor and has been teaching group fitness professionally since 2012. Her qualifications include The gym instructor and exercise to music certifications. She leads the way teaching Indoor Cycling, demand to reserve a bike in her class is high. Kettlebells is a firm favourite and her passion is Zumba, which is a dance based cardio class. Marnie is an entusiastic instructor and her energy is contagious making her classes a joy to attend.

Fiona Stott

Fiona Stott been teaching fitness classes for 7yrs zumba gold & boogie bounce a fun way to work out

Sharon Simpson

Sharon along woth husband Allan are co-owners of the gym facility which incorporates Macsimum Fitness. Sharon's role at the facility is to manage the staff and the daily operations. Sharon is the first point of contact for any queries or questions you may have.

Jonny McLeod

Jonny is a freelance personal trainer empowering clients to make healthier and personal fitness choices. With a BSc degree in Sport and Exercise Science and Levels 2 and 3 qualified from the Fitness Education Academy, Jonny brings youth and experience catering for all client demographics inspiring clients to achieve their fitness goals.Coming from the Fairmont Hotel, St Andrews, he specialises in all areas of fitness, health and nutrition providing personalised training programs customised to suit all levels of fitness and individual requirements. Jonny is your professional advisor to develop and deliver your fitness program supporting you all the way.


Erin is a qualified level 2 & 3 Personal Trainer who specialises in body fat reduction, lean muscle gain and toning. Having a fitness background her whole life, she has a passion for helping others reach their fitness goals! Erin has helped hundreds of clients achieve their fitness goals, many of which have been training with her since the beginning. From sport specific to those who have never stepped foot in a gym before, Erin tailors her approach to suit each person. Offering the right level of encouragement, she'll help you understand your own body and push you beyond your self-perceived limits.